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Corfe Valley Rural Farm Holidays
◊ location maps of our camping sites ◊
fish, seagull and chips in Swanage detail from our black & white map family on one of the Kimmeridge ledges Purbeck sunset the simply purbeck campsites map

Each of our camping sites is to some extent off the beaten track. Our special map is designed to ensure that you find us. It shows the local roads and farm tracks leading to our sites. Detailed instructions, including car mileometer readings from Corfe Castle, are also provided. And the map gives the Ordnance Survey grid reference of each site.

The map comes in two versions:  ◊ colour map ◊    and    ◊ black&white map ◊  .
The black and white version is designed for black and white printers.
And even if you have a colour printer, you may find that printing the black and white version makes the map easier to read when travelling.

This site is under development and we hope that the remaining contents of this page will soon make better sense than the fake Latin text which appears below. Please be patient.

other maps of interest to campers and walkers

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local information centers and Purbeck tourist guides

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