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Corfe Valley Rural Farm Holidays
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photo of picknickers at Flowers Barrow (Iron Age hill fort)and view westwards photo of square and Castle ruins at Corfe Castle photo of the Corfe river photo of blackheaded gulls at Swanage Corfe Valley

The first few miles of the Corfe river are bounded by the Purbeck Hills to its North. The deserted village of Tyneham lies to its west, the Jurassic Coast to its south, and picturesque Corfe Castle to its east.

Iron Age settlements and hill forts, a Roman villa and the great castle undermined (but never quite destroyed) by Cromwell's men all bear testimony to the fact our valley has been continously inhabited and farmed since the dawn of history.

The busy towns of Wareham and Swanage are never more than a quarter of an hour away. Yet in this small and comparatively unvisited vale of the Isle of Purbeck peace and solitude can always be found - even at the height of the tourist season.

Rural Farms

Within this timeless setting, each of our four working farms enables visitors to enjoy affordable, no-frills camping. One of our farms also provides B&B.

Each of our sites has its own distinctive setting and offers a very different experience of the Corfe Valley.


Many of the attractions and treasures of Purbeck are hidden from the new or casual visitor. We have therefore pooled our local knowledge and devoted part of this website to detailing the sheer variety of local attractions, whether of general or more specialised interest. In addition, each page of this site has photographs showing a selection of Purbeck's many faces and moods.

We trust that, aided by the information on this site, you will never be at a loss for something do in Purbeck.


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